Using Geert Hofstede’s and others’ work (Geert Hofstede Site: https://geerthofstede.com/landing-page/) on comparative country cultures, you will conduct research on two countries, comparing and contrasting these cultures on several dimensions, including business climate as well as leadership and management practices. You have been asked to prepare a presentation to senior leadership in your company to help them plan for and prepare expat teams who will be sent to the two countries you have selected. These relocated team members will work with U.S. members as well as members from both countries.

By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies:

Analyze aspects of leading and working in global and diverse environments.
Apply practices for leading and following in diverse environments.
Analyze ways in which leaders and followers make personal and professional adjustments as they work in complex environments.
Communicate effectively in a professional manner.
Select two countries in different continents or regions (please do not choose India and Pakistan, but rather select India and France, for example). If you are unclear as to which countries to use for this assignment, please contact your instructor. The two countries must have enough available information on their cultures and implicit leadership theories that may operate in the countries.

To conduct your country, culture, and leadership research, you will need to use academic as well as professional resources. Information on countries, including economics, business climate, ways of doing business, and cultural profiles can be found in the Global Business Research Library Guide. You will also be able to search scholarly literature including management and leadership data from various countries using the Capella library and databases such as Business Source Complete and ABI/Inform. Consider your online resources carefully and use those with research-based information versus popular blogs.

Assignment Requirements
For your assignment, you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation (with detailed speaker’s notes) to organizational leadership and include the following:

Compare and contrast the cultural context of selected countries. Compares and contrasts the cultural context of selected countries, and summarizes key points, including business climate, management and leadership practices, and the status of and cultural expectations of women.
Comparison criteria includes:
Economics and business climate.
Common business practices in each culture.
Management and leadership practices.
The status of and cultural expectations for women in each culture.
Analyze the implications of working with and leading others in the selected countries. Analyzes the implications of working with and leading others in the selected countries and summarizes using additional scholarly resources.
Synthesize development strategies and ethical global leadership requirements. Synthesizes development strategies and ethical global leadership requirements and summarizes key points for the selected countries. Include elements of ethics and social responsibility.
Develop recommendations for the application of cultural intelligence to leadership strategies and practices in the selected countries. Develops recommendation for the application of cultural intelligence to leadership strategies and practices of the selected countries, using research and theory to support their recommendations and findings.
Your presentation should be written clearly and be communicated effectively to organizational leadership in a business environment. Keep in mind that the audience is composed of upper-level leadership and tailor your content to appeal to that audience. Effectively analyzes and evaluates foundational concepts in a professional manner using scholarly resources that support the analysis through clear, concise, well-organized, and grammatically correct writing that incorporates appropriate APA style conventions.