RFIDs: Good or Evil?
Technology can be used for good. Think of all medical devices that have saved countless lives over the decades.
Technology can be used for evil. Think of how technology can be used to manufacture biological weapons and mind-altering drugs or to facilitate kidnapping, human trafficking, and even murder.
In the hands of good people, any technological device can be used for good. In the hands of evil people, the same device can be used for evil. Thus, it is true for RFIDs…
On page 142 of your textbook, Wallace discusses some of the uses of RFID chips as sensing technologies. She says that they are “especially useful in supply chains” as they reduce clerical errors and provide tracking information.
Even in the early 21st century, RFIDs were rapidly gaining momentum as ways to protect families’ beloved pets: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,1612639,00.asp
On the other hand, some people have suggested different uses for RFIDs, including the tracking of humans through the use of chip-implants beneath the skin. For all of the benefits that this potentially brings, could there be hidden dangers as well? Some people have likened embedded RFIDs in humans to the mark of the beast as described in Revelation 13:17: “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”
Here are a couple of non-peer reviewed articles that discuss opposing viewpoints on this subject:
Note that the positions taken in the references above are not necessarily those of Liberty University, your instructor, myself, or anyone associated with LU. It is up to YOU to make up your own mind as you discover whether there is any research that links RFIDs to the mark of the beast.

Discussion Board Deliverables
Main Post:
In a minimum of 300 words, create a thread in Module/Week 3’s discussion board forum that answers the question: “Are RFIDs destined to become the mark of the beast? Why or why not?”
Indicate your position in the title of your post (e.g. “RFIDs are destined to become the mark of the beast” or “RFIDs are NOT destined to become the mark of the beast”).
Naturally, no one, except God Himself, knows the answer to this question. There are no scholarly research articles that prove or disprove this future occurrence. There is only the world we live in today, viewed through the goggles of God’s Holy Word. Ask yourself, is today’s world representative of the world described by Daniel, Ezekiel, the apostle John, and Jesus himself in their discussions of the last days? Consider what is happening in the middle-east. Think of our own country and its position on biblical issues. Where are we in terms of prophecy? How does technology fit into the broader scheme of eschatology? These are all areas that you can discuss as you examine the question about whether there is a connection between RFIDs and “the mark”.
Reply to two of your classmates’ threads. Each reply should be 100 words each. Like your first discussion board replies, each reply to this post should say something meaningful rather than just “Great job. Well-said. I really agree with you…” Use this as an opportunity to discuss the topic. This will likely be a heated debate as many people are quite passionate about the topic. Please remember that as you approach these replies, it is fine to hold different opinions, but these differences should always be addressed with kindness. As you write your replies, remember Christ’s humility, kindness, and love for all of us as he bore our sins on the cross. Model your replies after Jesus’s example.

As with the first discussion board, I pray that this topic serves as an opportunity for you to look at the world around you and relate it to God’s Word. I pray it ignites an urgent desire in you to share the love of Christ with everyone you know.