PURPOSE: This assignment is intended to help you develop your skills in reading comprehension, academic writing, and critical thinking. You are required to submit 2 reading responses over the course of the semester. 1. Find the TurnitIn link on Cougar Courses for the week that the assignment is due. Once you open the link, you will see prompts you can choose from to complete your assignment. 2. Engage critically with the course reading assignments. Do not summarize, synthesize! Do not tell me what you read, but rather discuss what you think about what you read in a critical analysis. Follow the response prompt and notice that you are often required to cite a particular number of readings and lectures in your response. 3. Use evidence from 2 readings and 1 lecture to back up your arguments and use proper in-text citations following the ASA format. A bibliography is not necessary. See ASA Style Guide for Writing Citations and References on Cougar Courses. For lecture citations, use Lee 2020. 4. Your responses should be a minimum of 900 words in length, double-spaced, and in 12-pt font. 5. Follow the grading rubric on the second page of this document to ensure that your assignment meets the expectations. 6. Post the final version of your response in the Turnitin folder Late papers are not accepted. WRITING HELP: The University has provided great resources for students to develop their academic writing skills. Do take advantage of these resources in advance of turning in your papers to me: Writing Center: http://www.csusm.edu/writingcenter/ Plagiarism prevention for students: http://library.csusm.edu/plagiarism/index.html All the writing resources Ive provided on Cougar Courses GOOGLE PROMPT: In the foreward to The War on Sex, Hoppe states that, Without a coherent analysis of sex and its relationship to social justice to make sense of how sex is mobilized legally, politically, and socially, it becomes impossible to think critically (2017:x). Based on 2 readings and 1 lecture not included in your Reading Response #1, explain why (from a social justice standpoint) it is necessary to critically analyze the laws and policies governing sex in our society? WRITTEN READING RESPONSE ASSIGNMENT GRADING RUBRIC: This response paper is worth 20 points. You are graded based on the following expectations: REQUIREMENT POINT VALUE Does your paper have a strong introduction and conclusion? 5 Does your paper have a clear thesis statement or argument? 4 Does your paper demonstrate mastery of the material?