In a word document write out the following in any format you choose (paragraphs, bullets). You can write the notes for each article together or separately – as long as it is clear and CITE the articles: Step 1. What is the purpose/hypothesis/aim/objective of the study? a. Write down the exact statement in which the authors describe what they were testing. (Hint: This information may be provided in the article as a purpose statement or as a hypothesis). Include quotation marks around the exact wording, cite, and indicate page number(s). b. Now describe the purpose of the study (as you understand it) in your own words. c. What was the gap in the research that the authors were trying to fill by doing their study? Step 2. What is/are the major finding(s) of the study? a. Make some notes about the authors major conclusions or findings as written in the article. Include quotation marks whenever you use their exact wording and indicate page number(s). b. Now write those conclusions (as you understand them) in your own words. Step 3. How did the authors test their hypothesis? a. In your own words, briefly summarize (explain) the main steps or measurements that the authors used in their methods. b. How did the authors analyze their data? What test/s did they use? c. Without using numbers or statistical tests in your wording, what are the findings (significant and not significant results) of the study? Step 4. How reliable are the results? a. Do the authors suggest any problems with the study that could lead to unreliable results Step 5. Based on your analysis, are the claims made in this journal article accurate? a. Do the conclusions made (about the results) by the author make sense to you? Are the conclusions too broad or too narrow based on what was actually done in the study? b. Based on the accuracy of the methodology and the reliability of the results as described in Steps 3 and 4, do you think the conclusions can be believed? c. Do the authors suggest any problems or limitations with their methodology? Do you see any problems or limitations with their methodology? Step 6. What is the importance of this scientific work? a. Write (in your own words) the significant contributions of the experimental work in this journal article as reported by the authors. b. Re-read your notes and explain why you think this is a strong or weak scientific article a strong or weak scientific study I will put part 2 the files The 2 sources you will use are in files Your last paragraph: Should more research be done in this area? Who does the results of this study apply to? What would you recommend the next step to be in this line of research? This is where you outline an aim and hypotheses: