Are you a perfectionist? During the Second Great Awakening, this meant you were a social reformer battling the problems of industrial society.

It is the 1820’s and you are a member of New York’s growing affluent middle class. You have made your money from the industrial changes taking place in the northern states and now want to reshape society in your image. The wave of religious radicalism with its emphasis on spiritual actions is just what you have been waiting for. You eagerly take up the cause of one of the new wave of social reform movements with the goal of making society perfect. But which one? Choose a cause and explain how you are going to make America a better place. You should consider one of the following issues:

Focus on one type of reform movement and include details about the cause that are historically accurate to this period of American history.
Your source is meant to be persuasive and therefore needs to include a specific argument to convince people you are right. You can decide what this argument looks like. For example, will you appeal to reason or make an emotional case?
Does your source look historically accurate? You can choose to present your arguments in a number of different forms. It should be clear which source format you are using.