Required: 1. Choose an entity that was examined during the Banking Royal Commission. 2. Conduct research relevant to the entity selected including any submissions to the Banking Royal Commission, background papers, commentary in interim and final reports, as well as any other related material in the press, websites or in academic articles. Attention should be on the ethical dimension of the case. 3. Reflect on what you have learned in the context of ACCY305. 4. Present your understanding of, and your response to, the case in any form that you choose. 5. Present a reflection on the nature of the task. Essentially, you have the freedom to design your own question, follow the research that interests you, and present your understanding in a way that has meaning to you. When preparing your submission, you should be mindful of your targeted audience. To stimulate thought, you may consider the following questions: Was there any evidence of ethical misbehaviour by company directors, executives or accountants? Should responsibility for the unethical behaviour be taken by individuals, or extended more broadly to the sector or the community? Does this case reflect broader systemic problems (eg. the privileging of the needs of the shareholders at the expense of other stakeholders, the mechanisms of capitalism, the taken-for-granted neoliberal ideology, the globalisation phenomenon)? What role do shareholders (especially large institutional shareholders) or financial analysts play in the behaviour of the entity? What role did executive remuneration or employee incentive schemes play in the behaviour of people within the entity? What is the difference between legal behaviour and ethical behaviour? Who were the stakeholders affected by the misconduct, and how were they impacted? What role did accounting play in the behaviour of the entity (and its officials)? How does the behaviour of the entity (and its officials) challenge the view of accounting and financial reporting as technical and objective practices? What do you think this case means for professional accountants? What lessons can regulators (eg. ASIC or APRA) take from the case? How does the case resonate with societal values, your culture or religion, your educational background, ideas around your future career? What were the responses from corporate representatives? How did the Commissioner and/or the Counsel Assisting the Commissioner deal with these responses? Do you think the findings of the Banking Royal Commission will impact on the future operations of the entity or on the sector more broadly? Do you see any place for the examination of such cases in accounting education? Summaries ( 2 pages) his summary should include: a brief outline of your question or focus of enquiry a brief summary of facts relating to the entity selected (referenced if necessary) a brief reflection of the ethical dimension of the case an explanation of why you chose a particular form and how you have reflected your story in your submission. This is similar to what you might see next to an item in an art gallery or museum.