Part 1 – After watching the videos assigned this week, chose one video and research the topic that is discussed using the e-Library or Google Scholar. Find 2—3 articles, which discuss the topic of the video. Compare the information in the video to what you have read in the literature and offer insights or expand upon the information you found. ( I have attached the transcript of the chosen video. It’s Sinking European Economy Stokes Fear in US)

While the video is your starting point, your post should attempt to show the topic of the video through the words of scholars. Keep your resources current (less than 5 years old). Be sure to explain the topic and video in enough detail so your peers can understand your starting point.

Place references under section

Part 2 – The generation of Americans that won World War II has been called “The Greatest Generation.” Yet during the 1960s, the younger siblings and children of “The Greatest Generation,” along with new immigrants and other Americans, seemed largely devoted to bringing about change in American society. In some respects, the 1960s saw dramatic attitudinal shifts among Americans with their respect to their views on conformity and individuality, war, and race and ethnicity.

Based on our readings and lectures, why do you think there was such social and political change in America in the 1960s? Also, what are some social and/or political changes that you observe in American society today?