You need to have read Rethinking a Nation: The United States in the 21st Century by Philip Jenkins to do this essay In 300 words, please consider the following hypothesis as it applies to the events we have studied in this class: Historical change impacts different groups within a given society or culture differently. In choosing the evidence for this essay, consider that ″historical change″ can refer to a single event, like the invasion of Iraq in 2003, crash of 2008-09, or the election of 2016, or to set of changes over years, like the demographic transformation of the United States, the rise of the information economy, or new attitudes about gender and sexuality. The essay will be graded on the following basis Essay discusses at least two different events, drawing evidence from at least two different chapters of Jenkins, Rethinking a Nation. Р2 points Essay uses evidence accurately to establish clearly which groups are affected and how they are affected by the events that the writer has selected.