General Description This exercise is designed to give you a glimpse into the implementation of a cloud based standard software. The goal to give you the opportunity to have a firsthand experience in the power of standard software solutions. Exercise Preparation: Choose any one of those cloud based standard software tools for your exercise: Zoho CRM ( (Links to an external site.)) ( (Links to an external site.)) Quickbooks ( (Links to an external site.)) Create a new email address (gmail or any other) Start a free trial in the tool of your choice Define a type of company you would like to use for your exercise Goal of the exercise: Create a Business process you would like to have reflected within the standard tool you have chosen. Ideas of business processes are: New customer process (from lead to prospect to contract) Accounting process Sales process (generate offer, accept offer, contract, invoice) Or any other business process you would like to do This should allow you to get a feeling how the implementation and use of a standard software product in a business environment is. How to proceed: Once you have opened a free test account in the system of your choice: Familiarize yourself with the system Write down the business process you would like to cover Depending on the process create the base data you might need (customer data, product data, accounts, etc) Implement the process you have chosen and take screen shots of every step Questions 1. What is the business process you have chosen to implement? (1 point) Industry Description of process 2. What is the standard data you need to implement that process (add screenshots of the standard data you have added in the system (1 point)? 3. Add screenshots of the process implementation (1 point) 4. Describe your experience of this exercise and the insight you might have gained from it. (2 points)