To create a human resources plan for the downsizing, upsizing and right-sizing of an organization To identify critical issues in the planning process Scenario The company is an Analyzer style company. It is approximately 50 years old. A core line of products is in the decline stage of the life cycle while a new business venture is in the growth stage of the business life cycle. A third component of the company is in a regrowth stage. You are the Human Resource Manager. You have been asked to create a forecast of the human resources needed to meet the strategic business objectives. You must consider the company demographics, industry trends, business objectives, social sensitivity and market stability and or growth. You will include a table for each sector demonstrating/showing the projected growth pattern proposed. Exercise Defend each of your strategies by outlining issues and/or benefits as a result of each strategy recommended. Company Statistics Sector 1: Manufacturing The Manufacturing Sector has been the core function of the company for the past 25 years. This section is on the decline and relies on traditional mechanistic work processes that require limited skill sets. While this section continues to generate profit, the amount of profit has declined in the past 5 years by an average of 10% a year. The company intends to narrow the focus of this business activity with the long term intention of phasing the sector out within 5 years. The demographics of the Manufacturing Sector include: 50 men median age is 55 years 15 men are between 60-65 years of age 20 women median age is 45 Skill level: Low or limited skill sets Average turnover: 3% per year Sector 2: Technology This section is in the growth stage of the business life cycle. This is a relatively new operation for the organization. The technology sector was introduced approximately 3 years ago and is new leading edge technology. This area is generating healthy profits and the intention is that this sector will eventually replace (within 5 years) the manufacturing sector as the core line of the business. Skills sets required are limited at this time but as the technology industry heats up high skill sets will be required. The company would like to increase it’s workforce by 100% each year for the next 2 years to meet its sales and revenue forecast. The demographics of the Technology Sector include: 20 men median age is 25 years 20 women median age is 25 years Skill level High, and in demand Average turnover: 12% per year Sector 3: The Technology/Manufacturing Sector This sector is enjoying a regrowth and represents a second core business focus within the company and includes a manufacturing component. This sector is enjoying a regrowth because of the efficiencies introduced in the manufacturing component due to technology. Skill sets are where they are needed though and the ability of the company to continue to grow is jeopardized by the lack of appropriate skills. The demographics of the Technology/Manufacturing Sector include: 30 men median age is 50 years 15 women median age is 45 years Skill level Moderately high and changing due to the introduction of technology into the manufacturing environment.