Create a natural disaster profile of covering the Kashmir Earthquake event. Basic hazard required information (each worth up to two points) Location, magnitude, deaths, injuries, monetary cost Social Outcomes (each worth up to two points) Preparedness for type of hazard (includes government stability and planning), Assistance (includes local government and outside groups (NGOs)), Economic loss (includes recovery time impacts impacting loss of jobs, loss of industry), Health repercussions (includes disease outbreak, waste and/or water concerns) and Recovery strategies (includes migration out of the area and rebuilding time of structures) Physical outcomes (each worth up to two points) Follow up hazards (not limited to aftershocks, landslides, lithification), Zoning changes, Mitigation plans, Building codes and Notable destruction (demolished buildings/highways infrastructure) Comparison to the same type of hazard in another geographic location (ie. Hurricane in the United States compared to a cyclone in Australia) (Magnitude, Loss (deaths/injuries), Cost, Preparedness, Socioeconomic characteristics (including but not limited to: wealth, race, government response/position