Create an electronic poster to present the aims, purpose and activities of a UK based charitable organisation of your choice.
For this task you should first decide which charity you are going to research and create a poster for.
Your poster will include an overview of the charity, its aims and size. You will also include at least two specific examples of the work the charity does, which must be supported by relevant sources. In addition, your poster should also present information about the income of the charity and how, and where, it is spent.Structure:
Your poster should use sub-headings and have clear sections on the following:
1. Introduction: introduce the charity, where it is based and outline the size of the organisation
2. Aims: what are the main aims of the charity? You should describe these as clearly as possible
3. Work of the charity: provide at least 2 specific examples of the work of the charity, projects they are involved in etc – you may want to have a separate section for each example.
4. Financial information: provide information about the income and funding of the charity; where does their funding come from? How much income do they have? You should also describe how and where this money is spent.