With the headings, make them more relevant to the subject matter. For example, Karl Marx to Patricia Hill Collins instead of Conflict Theory Really try to incorporate the theoretical terms the sociological theorists use. For instance, use the terms of the proletariat, bourgeois, alienation, and exploitation when you talk about Karl Marx and the matrix of domination for Patricia Hill Collins. Apply this approach to all of the theorists you mention, its a way of showing that you understand the language that has been used in this class! Some of your connections are less clear. For example, I did not really follow how critical theory has its inspirations from Durkheim. Could you elaborate on this? If it proves to be difficult, a strong comparison would be between Marx and Critical Theory. When you were discussing Mead, I couldn’t see who was inspired by his works. Definitely make a correction here because it can cost you a few points. Instead of using two different examples for each section, try focusing on one example. For instance, with the CNN example, try to use it as a means to talk about the different ways Marx and Feminist Theorists would perceive the situation, instead of just Feminist Theorists.