Emergency Evacuation Plan
James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital – Tampa, Florida
13000 Bruce B Downs Blvd, Tampa, FL 33612

You have been hired as a consultant by your fire department to develop an Emergency Evacuation Plan for a building. You will identify and have your building selection approved by your instructor. Your deliverables for this consultant project will be written reports to the fire department administration outlining evacuation procedures. You will also prepare recommended actions to be taken by the fire department. Your written report(s) should be of professional quality and will provide you an opportunity to offer recommendations for life safety improvements based on the topics we will explore in our class.
This assignment affords you the ability to apply your skills and knowledge to a real-life application. However, please remember that this is a learning activity in which you are expected to demonstrate sufficient breadth and depth of knowledge in the areas covered in this course to allow your instructor the ability to determine that you are indeed mastering the goals and objectives of this course. Because of this, it is expected that you will elaborate in some ways that you may not in a real-life situation. This assignment will require you to assimilate, group, and organize information at a high level. This report requires a degree of synthesis of learning that you may not have encountered in prior classes. Because this type of writing is not exactly the same as writing essays, if you are a person who has difficulty with writing you may want to use EAGLET for assistance.
Each part of your assignment will be due on separate dates and builds towards your finished project. Even though you are submitting these project parts separately, they will be graded as a complete project in Module 9. In Module 5, you will provide the name of the building that you would like to use for instructor approval. Your finished product will be Parts 1-4 combined (14-22 pages in length) into one polished final document in current APA format to include the following

• 1) A description of your approved building and its occupancy type.
• Based on the building, exits, and occupancy, what type of behavior can be expected in the event of a fire or other type of emergency? This will be based on specific occupant characteristics related to behavior.
• Identify the types of fire protection systems that should be installed in your identified building.

• 2) Explain the occupancy category for your identified building.
• With your understanding of human behavior, how can the building and occupancy type affect occupants’ behavior (floor plans, signs, verbal instructions, etc.)?
• Based on the occupancy type, is there a concern about how they will react if a fire alarm sounds?
• Research a fire that involves a similar building (to the one you have chosen) and occupancy type. Provide a brief overview of the lessons learned from it and how those can be applied to your project to improve safety (you will apply other lessons from this course to improve in the upcoming parts).

• 3) Briefly highlight various scientific methods for conducting fire-related research, including modeling methods best suited for your building.
• State which research and modeling you will use to develop your evacuation plan.
• Based on your identified building and occupancy type, how will you calculate the exit capacities and egress avenues? Remember those with disabilities and the potential use of elevators.

• 4) Differentiate between performance and prescriptive codes. Be sure to explain the benefits and drawbacks of each.
• Consider industry goals for the future that are informed by behavioral science as it relates to your project.
• Include a model system that integrates human behavior factors into life safety planning and practice.