Reflect on all the knowledge and insight you gained throughout all elements of the course that includes textbook reading, power point presentations, quizzes, supplemental articles, videos, discussion board, and written critical thinking questions.
1) Discuss the ways your experience in the course influenced your viewpoint on TWO DIFFERENT TOPICS. Be sure to ADDRESS THE FOLLOWING ITEMS FOR EACH OF THE TWO POINTS.
A). Clearly describe the topic for which your viewpoint was changed. Reviewing the slides, critical thinking questions, and discussion board topics may be a helpful reminder. In describing the topic, please paint the landscape of the topic/issue with a professional voice and INCLUDE SPECIFIC REFERENCES TO THE COURSE MATERIALS.
B). Clearly describe the specific and SUBSTANTIVE ways your viewpoint changed.
C). Clearly identify the COURSE ELEMENTS that were influential AND explain how your engagement with those elements influenced your viewpoint. In other words, what was it about a specific element that was influential in shifting your viewpoint on the topic.