An Examination of the Performance Appraisal Process
Understanding the performance appraisal process is an important dimension in providing motivation to employees and helping to optimize their work. Performance appraisals assess an employee’s performance and also they can provide a platform for feedback to employees about their performance expectations – past, current, and future. While performance appraisals are utilized for administering wages and salaries, they also provide insight into employee strengths and weaknesses, and provide opportunities for further employee motivation.
Upon completion of this assignment you should be able to:
Discuss the performance appraisal process
Examine tools for performance appraisal
Consider individuals at work and how the performance appraisal process can be utilized to guide them in their work, to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and to provide a basis for wages and salaries.
Write a three-page paper that demonstrates your understanding of the importance of the uses of performance appraisals (both administrative and developmental actions). Please also include a discussion of the types of appraisals (informal vs. systematic). And finally, provide an examination of who conducts appraisals (the various possible rating situations) and the available tools for appraising performance.