Describe, compare and evaluate 3 articles

In this essay task we want you to analyse three existing qualitative research papers from one of nine research domains (see list of domains below). The aim of this exercise is for you to demonstrate that you can critically evaluate existing research papers and the use of qualitative research methods.
1. Choose 3 key articles that use qualitative methods such as observation, interview, case study, and discourse analysis. Please DO NOT select articles that use survey methodology.
2. Explain your selection process, as well as the rationale behind selecting these specific articles
3. Concisely summarise the articles
4. Describe, compare and evaluate the main research questions explored in each study
5. Describe, compare and evaluate the methodology (data collection, sampling, setting description)
6. Describe, compare and evaluate analysis
7. Describe, compare and evaluate the findings/conclusion/discussions
8. Personal reflexion
9. Once you submit your essay, please also submit the 3 articles you selected as Appendix. You do that by merging your essay and the three articles into one PDF. See how to do that here:
Research domains:
1. Organisational culture
2. Organisational identity
3. Small-group/ team studies
4. Cross-cultural studies
5. Joint ventures/collaborations
6. Organisational change
7. Decision making processes
8. Organisational control / emotional control
9. Organisational accidents/incidents/failures