There are many changes and shifts in the oncology field as a response to coronavirus situation and necessity of applying social distance.

After having a look at the attached file, you need to write an academic article (7-pages). Here are the specifications:
– Write 1 page with the heading “Introduction”. Do not use any subheadings under the heading “Introduction”. The introduction should include for example what is corona virus, the necessity to have social distance, many changes occurred due to coronavirus, why this paper is important, and objectives of this paper.
– Write half of page with the heading “Methods”. Do not use any subheadings under the heading “Methods”. Explain that this paper is a narrative review and from where you get the data and articles for this paper. What keywords you use in the search and what databases.
– Write 2 pages with the heading “Results”. Use many subheadings under the heading “results” to arrange your thoughts, ideas, and information you get from your search. The information in the attached file will help in this section (do not copy and paste the information). You need to search and find additional information.
– Prepare one page that includes tables and/or figures. No repeated information. You will refer the results to this tables and/or figures. Do not use the same tables or figures in the attached document. Use your creativity.
– Write 2 pages with the heading “Discussion”. In this section, you will discuss the “results” and provide comparison of oncology field during covid19 and after covid19, reason behind the shifts and changes in oncology space during COVID-19. Provide many references to support the comparison and support your discussion.
– Write half of the page with the heading “Conclusions”. It is a summary of the paper and what we conclude after reading the paper.