One page per chapter reflections from this book:

Schmidt, J.J. (2014). Counseling in schools: Essential services and comprehensive
programs (6th Ed.). New York: Allyn and Bacon.

Chapter 1, The School Counseling Profession: This chapter addresses the professional identity of school counselor.
Chapter 3, The School Counselor: This chapter covers the following areas: defining school counseling, varying roles of school counselors, preparation of school counselors, technology and the school counselor and credentials of school counselors.
Chapter 12, Professional ethics and legal issues: This chapter covers the following areas: ethical standards for school counselors, nature of law, and legal issues for school counselors.
Chapter 4, Comprehensive School Counseling Programs: Consult with your field supervisor and relevant school personnel.
Chapter 6, Developing a Program: Follow the guidelines of the chapter on planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating.
Chapter 7, Individual Counseling and Group procedures
basically we need to write a reflection of our thoughts and feeling from what we read and understood and if its been relevant to what I’ve been doing at our school sites as an internship. I am interning at clovis west high school for school counseling.
i will upload my daily logs to help write the chapter reflections and you can apply experience if you find it in the log and its necessary to the chapter.