Find another article online that relates to this topic of gender roles / housework (it may either agree or disagree with Jessica Grose “Cleaning: The Final Feminist Frontier”). The idea here is that you would not want to limit the scope of your research to the ideas of only one author — if you were given the task of researching about gender ideologies as it relates to housework, you’d want to get several different opinions on the topic before situating your own voice somewhere in the conversation. You are looking for another article that you think presents a great argument about this topic. Perhaps you want to search for a more current essay or report to compare with Grose’s essay written in 2013. Or, perhaps you want to find something that challenges the data presented by Grose. Or, perhaps you want to find an additional article that reiterates Grose’s thesis. What direction you take is up to you. Read and annotate the new article to ensure you have a good grasp of the main idea (be able to summarize it). Then search the article for a few quotes that might be relevant to your discussion on this topic. 1. Provide a summary of the article you found and explain how it would contribute to your research of this topic. What has it contributed or how has it served to impact or change your feelings about the topic after reading only Grose’s article? 2. Indicate one or more direct quotes from the source that would be useful to your discussion on this topic (what quotes might you use for support in your own argument essay on this topic?). 3. Provide the Works Cited entry for this source. (List the full bibliographic info needed to cite this source on your Works Cited page).