NOTE: NO Cover page or Header or Footer needed. Please mark answers number very clearly. Q1. Managing vs. Leading, respond to the following: A. Project managers must have a clear distinction between managing versus leading. Describe at least three characteristics that distinguish managing from leading within the software project management discipline. Explain how the attributes identified may be exemplified and portrayed by you, the project manager. B. Project managers are responsible for maintaining the morale of the project team. Assess the typical activities that a project manager must perform to ensure that the human factors and psychological elements of job satisfaction are present within the project team. Q2. Team Work, respond to the following: A. Teamwork is essential for ensuring that individuals work in a cooperative manner to achieve project goals. Synthesize at least three factors that contribute to efficient and effective software engineering team development. B. Describe how the dimensions of social styles presented within the text allow project managers to communicate effectively with project team members. Explain the view that communication may be tailored to accommodate the communication styles of individuals based on the dimension of the social styles model.