According to your textbook, the price of a product or service can be the key to success or failure (p. 556). For this discussion, read Case 3-7 Preview the document. Then, write a post that addresses the following questions: Question #2 from the case: How and why do US razor consumers differ from razor consumers in India? Question #3 from the case: How did Gillettes product development process differ for the Gillette Guard when compared to its previous product development processes? Question #4 from the case: Should Gillette release the Gillette Guard in the United States? Should it release the product in other low income countries besides India? Describe how this reflects Gillettes selling and pricing strategy in the global marketplace. Attached find Case 3-7 along with chapters 17 and 18 which need to be use as reference. Reference for those chapters is: Cateora, P. (2016). International marketing (17th ed.). Retrieved from