Returning to “Brownies” by ZZ Packer, explain the implicit bias of the Brownie troop and WHERE their attitudes toward Troop 909 might have come from. In other words, what is the social, cultural, and historical context of their implicit bias of white people? As you explore this, look closely at geography (or setting). Where are they from? Who would they see (or not) on a daily basis in their home environment? How does this affect their attitudes towards white people? What do they know of racism? What do they NOT know of racism? In what way are they privileged over Troop 909? What are we to make of the fact that the accused white girl is only able to echo what she hears? Is it possible that the use of the n-word came from the black girls themselves? If so, what does this say about the way in which racism works in the story? As you consider the above questions and think about how you might explore the larger topic of implicit bias, choose 2-3 key passages, details, dialogue, and/or characters that you think would best illustrate your interpretation of the story. With each piece of evidence, be sure to explain (or interpret) the meaning and WHY it’s significant. If it helps, keep in mind that analysis has three general parts: P-I-E.