The topic I have chosen for this project is based on Chapter 7 from the textbook “Psychology of Adjustment: The Search for Meaningful Balance, by J. Moritsugu, E. Vera, J. Jacobs, & M. Kennedy” 1. You will be expected to choose one of the areas of your life from this course and depict how your adjustment approach helps you deal with the challenges in this area. 2. The creative project must be an original piece of work. It can be a poem, storytelling, musical composition, or an essay/formal research paper. 3. Part 1 of this project will include your creative piece. 4. Part 2 will be an interpretation of this piece through the integration of class materials. It is important to refer to rubric for the quality assurance of your chosen project. ***Important Note*** Please follow the Rubric below precisely and accordingly Rubric: Project is an original piece of work and shows 100% self-expression. The presentation shows a considerable amount of effort and integration of learned material throughout the course in explaining how your creative piece reflects and impacts your ability to cope with the everyday challenges of life. It is completed work (no unfinished business) and is clearly interpreted or explained for a lay audience.