write a report using Rstudio, choose one from these three datasets. 1 Executive summary The executive summary provides a broad overview of the report. This should outline the aims of the report and summarise the main discoveries. The key question is: if you had to summarise your analysis in a sentence or two, what would you say? 100 word 2 Initial Data Analysis (IDA) (300 words) As we saw in lectures, IDA is an important part of approaching new research questions. This should: Describe the background of the data Classify and explain any variables Identify potential stakeholders (i.e. people who might be interested in the data) Conclude with an assessment 3 Research Questions ( 400 words each) In this Project, you will be asked to propose and answer two research questions. Each question should address some insight you wish to investigate. For each research question, you should have At least one numerical summary or a graphical summary An explanation of the significance of each summary (i.e. what do they show?)