To complete this project you will write an essay answering each of the four questions. Your essay should be no less than 1000 words.

Describe the biopsychosocial approach (all three elements) of mental illness and how historical influences (early schools of thought- see chapter 1) may have influenced the beliefs of how mental illness develops and is treated today (See Chapters 1, 14, & 15).
Describe how mental illness is diagnosed (Ch 14) and what are the current medical and psychological forms of treatment (Ch 15).
Include where one could go in the RGV (RIO GRANDE VALLEY) to seek treatment for mental illness. Include at least three (3) facilities.

These are the facilities to include in the paper:
1. Tropical Texas Behavioral Health in Brownsville, Texas (956) 289-7000
2. Palms Behavioral Health in Harlingen, Texas (956) 365-2600
3. South Texas Behavioral Center (956) 388-1300

Conduct a phone interview with each of the 3 facilities to ask what treatments they provide for mental illness in our community – be specific when documenting your responses.

In your explanation be sure to answer the following question: Choose one of the following perspectives (Behavioral, Cognitive, or Psychodynamic) to explain why people think and behave the ways in which they do (Ch 7 & Ch 13)?

This is the textbook I use for this course:

Myers, D. C., & Dewall, C. N. (2018). Exploring psychology (11th ed.). New York, NY: Worth.