Please use Notepad++ to do this HW In order to complete this assignment, you will need to utilize the attached XML file LifeExpectancy.xml. Part 1: Write Xpath expressions about Q1 and Q2 to get the following: (Please show me the screenshots with answer) Question 1: the names of countries for whose 1990 male life expectancy is less than 50 Question2 : the male life expectancy (1990) of the countries where female life expectancy in (1990) is higher than 80 XPath Example 1: the life expectancy of Afghan males in 1990 Answer: //country[@name=Afghanistan]/male/Y1990 Part 2: Create regular expressions to match the following patterns For each pattern 1. Create 5 positive examples and 5 negative examples 2. Please submit me a text file and the screenshots with answers. And please download the RegEx Helper, and Please show me the screenshots with answer. Or If you have issues to install RegEx Helper in notepad++, you can use the online tool to finish the homework. Questions: 1. Long dates. Example “Thursday, December 01, 2016” 2. Short dates. Example “1-Dec-16” 3. Date and time: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss am|pm. Example “12/01/2016 11:30:00 AM” Example: 01/10/1990 Answer: Regular Expression: ([0][1-9]|1[0-2])/(0[1-9]|3[01])/(199[0-9]|201[01])