Design a capsule collection of 6 to 8 looks that is the epitome of what can be considered as classic, Bespoke, couture or sustainable high end luxury fashion. To produce one of your looks to the highest made standard that is achievable. Establish the experience you are wanting to give the customer when they view, buy and wear your clothes and how do you present this? 1) Research, The world Around you’ research your subject area well, keep questioning your discoveries and examine your material, extensively source fabrics and fabrications. primary research and particularly important. 8 pages of research and sketchsketch book work 2)Design Development, sample your ideas and techniques through flat pattern cutting and draping on the stand. Any embellishment, fabric mainupilation or textile work must be sampled and techniques developed and perfected. Record your processes. 3)Design Development and conclusion, Having explored all areas of the design development process, all attention to design details and different finishings must be explored. 4)Final collection presentation, Final designs, illustrations, collection line ups, technical drawings and any sampling to be presented to portfolio standard.