Related Work & Competitive analysis
Design Problem & Target user group
Key Design Requirements & Design Rationale
Final Version of the Prototype (e.g., Link to an external website; recorded video of the interactivity)
Discussion / Future Work / Conclusion
Your report should be no longer than 1000 words. You can have as many Figures as you like but don’t overwhelm the readers. Here’s an example of a medium article ( (Links to an external site.) and (Links to an external site.)).

Writing a good blog post describing a design project is a challenging task. It also is a design problem.

So, you should use the design skills you have learned throughout the semester to design your book. Think of a vision for how to communicate your process that unifies everything.

A good blog post will have the following qualities:

1. It tells the complete story of the design process. It explains research, decisions and results. Did insights come from research, sketching or critique? You should clearly outline the evolution of your design, from the initial assignment to the final design.

2. It focuses on the design and design process. You should describe how you and/or your team moved the design forward.

3. It reflects research, production and decision making during every phase of the design process.

4. It clearly identifies your own design process and your role in the teamwork (if applicable).

5. The blog post is as thorough and thoughtful as the projects contained within. If these criteria seem to be vague, it is because there are so many ways to achieve the qualities of a compelling documentary process.