Leaders are required to write a paper based on the following:
Needed Change. Begin the paper by clearly stating a needed change at the organization of your choosing (e.g., work, church…). Use “Needed Change” as your first heading in the paper.
Kotter’s Change Steps.
Detail how you would bring about the change noted above using Kotter’s steps discussed in Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model: Implementing Change and Successfully.
Use each of the eight (8) steps as headings in the paper.
*****cite all sources, if used******
You are required to follow the guidelines below when submitting your paper:
Type in Microsoft Word, double-spaced, 12pt font size, Times New Roman or Arial font type
Four (4) to five (5) pages
Follow the APA 7th edition guidelines
Utilize Grammarly to ensure proper spelling and grammar.