Application Essay Purpose: Showcase yourself effectively in a scholarship or university application essay (If you are not applying for a scholarship or a university in the future, this essay will help you with future cover letters and job interviews.) Audience: A scholarship or university admissions committee General Instructions: Write a short essay that follows this prompt: Discuss a creative work that has inspired you and explain one specific way it has inspired you. Detailed Instructions for Essay Parts: Title Catch the readers attention with a creative, relevant phrase. Avoid creating a boring or too-general title (for instance, Communication) or using the blog entry title as your title. Consider writing your title last (I always do this). Short introduction paragraph (no more than 10 lines) Begin with an attention-getting hook (not a question). If you have a hard time getting started, I recommend writing your introduction and conclusion paragraphs after writing your body paragraphs. In one or two sentences, state your essays main idea (thesis) that fits the above prompt. Body paragraphs You might consider having two body paragraphs: one paragraph that describes the work that inspires you and one that explains the specific way it inspired you. You dont have to follow this suggestion, though. Keep in mind that if you are truly inspired by something, it affects your actions, not just your thoughts or feelings. Explain how the creative work has affected how you behave.