Try to think about what memorial you may want to address. It should relate to the 20th century of Europe defined broadly (the history of 20th century Europe doesn’t always have to be inside the European continent). It can relate to your personal or professional experiences. Upload a few images if possible. Share with the class a brief photographic reflection on the memorial. Reflect on the site, form, and significance of your memorial. Where was the memorial? Why was it there? How did it interact with the city/countryside, etc.? How did you encounter it? Was it possible to miss this memorial? Who paid for the memorial? Who pays for the upkeep of the memorial? Was there a controversy over the memorial? Is there still a controversy over the memorial? Is there a debate over changing this memorial? How did this memorial compare to others you have encountered? What was the significance of the memorial? What were your impressions of the memorial? How did the memorial reflect experiences? Do memorials to traumatic events or cruel human actions make their recurrence less likely?