1. Deliver, sustain, and support a single, focused argument about the play: what does it have to show us about your theme? For example: in the sample essay on Trifles, the author focuses on the theme of sisterhood in Trifles, and argues that it is a feminist play because in it three very different women come together to support one another based on their shared experiences. 2. Discuss at least 3 elements of literature in your paper, and relate them to the theme you are focusing on. For example: in the sample essay, the author discusses stage directions, characterization, and symbolism (though she doesn’t always name them as such). 3. Use specific quotations as evidence to support your argument throughout your paper, and explain directly how each example relates back to your main point. 4. Organize your thoughts into paragraphs that are each focused on a single idea, and have an introduction that characterizes your response and a conclusion that wraps it up. 5. Write in clear sentences that follow the guidelines of standard English: your writing should be formal and correct, as in the sample essay