THE ORIGINAL POST: Watch the video that I posted. Additionally, read those three short articles that I have supplied links to. As you develop your Original Post, take a clear stand on the red-font claim. I would like you to formally address some of these following questions: Should public school teachers be Facebook friends with their students? Why or why not? Is this unethical and/or unprofessional? Again, I am not talking about college instructors here: I am asking you whether or not it is appropriate for K-12 students to be friends with their teachers on Facebook. Is it not OK for K-8 students to be Facebook friends with their teachers, but OK with 9-12 students? Or should teachers wait until students graduate from high school before “friending” them on Facebook? What are the risks of this interaction? What are the benefits? Do the risks outweigh the benefits? Explain. Would you allow your child to “friend” his/her teacher on Facebook? Why or why not? If so, at what age? What is your reaction to the posted materials? Which resource did you find the most compelling? Why?

As you develop your response, you must formally address in detail at least (2) of the resources posted for this forum in an extended fashion. That means quotes or very direct references. For the Idaho Press-Tribune, use (Idaho) as your citation for direct quotes, and for the Kidsafe Foundation, just use (Kidsafe) after your quotes. The other two resources have authors listed.

A nice way to organize this effort would be to offer a good paragraph on one resource, a second good paragraph on another resource, and a final paragraph that tackles in depth some of those questions that I’ve pitched. This final paragraph would make it clear where you stand in regard to that red-font claim.

Your Original Post, an essay of no fewer than 800 words, is due June 13.

RESPONSE POST: None required here.