Using brief quotations from the assigned readings (not the editor’s introduction) indicate which aspects of the reading are relevant to your issue. Discuss how similarities or differences in the author’s ideas affects the issue as you see it. Be sensitive to contrasting views, assumptions that you and the authors make, and the context within which positions are put forward. Using your own educational experiences and aspirations, describe in concrete terms how the aspects of the authors you select are exemplified by current educational goals and classroom practices. Your papers should be a critical analysis of the positions as relevant to your educational issue. You may agree or disagree with the authors, but your position should be supported by your discussion of modern education. The paper should include an introductory paragraph giving a clear statement of the issue and some indication of how you see each authors’ contribution to your understanding of the issue. There should be a brief summary conclusion, stating your judgment about the issue you have discussed. Write short paragraphs, each with one main idea. Be sure to include transition sentences connecting the ideas between paragraphs