Question One The House of Lords has not officially abolished the rule [in Rylands v Fletcher], but its scope of application has been narrowed down considerably ever since the decision in Rylands…some 150 years ago. Willem H. Van Boom, Some Remarks on the Decline of Rylands v Fletcher and the Disparity of European Strict Liability Regimes (2005) 3 ZEuP 618, 636. Discuss how the scope of the rule in Rylands v Fletcher has diminished over the years and assess whether it should have been abolished. Question Two Annie and Brent became a celebrity couple when Brents international acting career put him into the public limelight. Numerous articles were published about the couple, touching on a range of personal matters. Two years ago it was revealed that Annie was pregnant, and that the pregnancy involved IVF treatment. Several magazines published articles about Annie and Brent and the impending birth of their children. Both were open and willing to discuss these issues, and did not object to the articles being published. However, following the birth of their children (twin girls named Ruby and Bella) in June 2018, they declined to give interviews about them, or allow photographs of the twins to be taken. Then Annie and Brent separated in August last year. Several magazines ran articles on the separation during that year, but they did not give interviews. Hiya!, one of the magazines, is about to publish an article on the change to Brents personal life, and the fact that he would be spending the summer with his new boyfriend instead of his wife and children. Charlie, a photographer, was commissioned by the editor of Hiya! to take photographs of the twins for the article. He took photographs of the children in the street being pushed in their stroller by their mother. The photographs were taken without Annies knowledge. Charlie also secretly took photographs of Brent and his friend Darren getting into a cab on the doorstep of Brents apartment. He has sold those photos to magazines in the USA and Australia, and they have already appeared on the internet. Darren is a police officer who is not happy about the publicity. Annie, Brent and Darren have applied for themselves and on behalf of the children for an injunction under the tort of misuse of private information to stop the whole publication. Advise them on their chances of success.