1. Identify the source and date of the article EXAMPLE START: The article I chose for my Psych 1 Psych in the News assignment is titled, “New Jersey Says Psychologist Failed To Prevent Disclosure of Patient Data” by Charles Ornstein and was published April 17, 2017 in the New York Times. EXAMPLE END: 2. Summarize (briefly probably no more than 2 pages of 4) the newspaper article. Look for examples of article summaries online! Beginning, Middle, End 3. Write a desсrіption or explanation of how the main article topic or point of study relates to a theory, concept, or research finding presented in class or in the textbook ″Discovering psychology ″the science of the mind″ 2Edition- John T. Cacioppo and Laura Freberg). This can be directly or creatively connected just be sure your thinking is clear and use examples and explanations including paraphrasing material from the lecture and/or the textbook and make sure the relevance to your article is clearly explained. 4. Discuss specific ways the newspaper article could have been improved or was misleading. For example, did you find information in the textbook that contradicted the newspaper article or would have helped to explain the topic more clearly? If you think the newspaper article did a good job of reporting on its topic, explain fully why you think so and support your argument with specific examples. 5. Include the newspaper article saved as a pdf or word doc and upload it separately. Please do not merely provide a link in the article.