Data Analytics Discussion 2 (DAD2) Study the topic on data analytics assigned to you in DAD2 Topic Assignment Table below and make sense of its content. Make sense of the topic in isolation and also in relation to other topics so that you can demonstrate your mastery of this topic and related topics through DAD2 by writing a question, answering the question, explaining why your answer is correct and refuting plausible misconceptions related to the topic. For your spontaneous comment, write an unambiguous question that a data analytics certification agency can use to measure a certificate candidates understanding of the most important ideas of practical value related to the topic and any other relevant topics that might be useful for a professional to apply the concepts covered by the assigned topic. Preferably, your question should be asked in the context of a real or hypothetical business scenario where one is trying to apply the statistical method(s) covered by the topic. Be sure to clearly describe for your readers the scenario or Purely theoretical questions relevant to the assigned topic are also acceptable. Examples in your textbook or the exercises in your textbook that are called Applications can be useful as you think about how to write a good question relevant to a statistical topic. If you need to use a dataset for your question, feel free to use any real or realistically simulated data set.Once you have written a question, come up with five answers, labeled and ordered as A_B_C_D_E, to the question that you have written. The question and the answer choices should be written using your language and must not be exactly copied and pasted from the textbook or other sources. Only one of these five answer choices should unambiguously be the best possible answer to the question. The other four, the incorrect answer choices, must also be plausible and relevant to statistical topics listed in the DAD2 Topic Assignment Table. Make sure you clearly indicate which answer is the best one and thoroughly explain why. Make sure your question is original, relevant, realistic, clear, concise, purposeful, thought-provoking and focused. Submit your writing, not to exceed 500 words, before the deadline for posting your spontaneous comment for DAD2. The 500-word limit on a spontaneous comment does not include any dataset and it does not include the explanations for the correct or incorrect answer choices. The 500-word limit applies to the description of the scenario, or the vignette or stimulus related to the question, the question and its answer choices.