Imagine a project that could potentially have a significant impact on climate change and/or the way we are dealing with the global pandemic of COVID-19. What you come up with does not have to be serious or negative. You can look into ways to lighten the darkness and doom and gloom that so often surrounds discussion of either of these issues. 1.Research- You will research your idea to make sure it is not already widely used.Your idea should be somewhat original. Also find data to back up what you are doing. Use the science and research that already exists to establish the validity of your idea. For example, you do not want to solve a problem that is not really a problem. You can use any research method: 1.Primary research interviews, observation, surveys, collecting, etc.2.Secondary research trustworthy published research, videos, reports, etc. Go to government sites for lots of data and analysis2.Analysisa.Analyze why your idea will fill a void. b.Use the cultural competence model3.Conclusiona.