Answer the questions below in detail, contemplating how each question(s) address one of the four main reading themes (Light and Darkness; Imperialism and Colonization; Race and Ethnicity; The Eye/I: Narrative and Point of View) 1a. What are the main narrators views of Marlow? Explain the analogy that yarns of seaman have a direct simplicity, the whole meaning of which lie within the shell of a cracked nut (Number page 68 in the PDF attahchment ). How does that contrast to the meaning of Marlows episodes? 1b. Why does Marlow make a point of stressing he hate[s], detest[s], cant bear a lie (PG 94 on PDF )? How do you interpret his pause right after, and the comment of the main narrator ()? 2. Explain Marlows claim that England has been one of the dark places of the earth (5). What do you draw from him contemplating what must have happened then (67-69)? 3. What triggered Marlows decision to explore Africa (7-8)? How does he refer to the continent? Explain the phrase: The snake had charmed me (8)? 4. What do you find striking in the account of what happened to Fresleven (9)? 5. What observations can you draw from Marlows inspection of the map in the companys offices (10)? 6a. Before embarking on his steam boat, Marlow visits his ant; how do their views diverge (12-13)? 6b. What strikes you in Marlows account of the incidents whilst traveling to Africa on the French steamer (13-14)? 7.What is the first thing Marlow notices upon arriving at the station? How is he affected by the experience of witnessing what he sees (15-17, 23)? 8. How is Kurtz described (19, 22-23, 25)? What are Marlows (and our) expectations, as he ventures out to find him (23)?