1.A specific question about an example used in the panel
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also get me the highlights (quotes & other) from this video.

Highlight: (List in bullet points 4 direct quotes from participants that you found interesting. These highlights should represent different perspectives – include name, title)

Perspectives/quotes/highlights : are holistic, illustrative, diverse and complete. They are linked to media industries. Demonstrated critical thinking and awareness of concepts and key terms.

Panel Title: Evolution of Music at the Age of Technology
Moderator: Richard FitzGerald, Founder and Managing Director, Augustus – Publishers of Lovin Dubai & Lovin Saudi

Ahmed Nureni, VP – Business Development, Qanawat
Moe Hamze, Managing Director – Middle East, Warner Music
Mohamed Gaber, VP – Strategy, Mazzika Group
Rami Zeidan, VP Partnerships, Anghami