Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of your social justice issue and its relationship to communication. First, you will explain the history and significance of the social justice issue. Second, you will analyze communications role in defining and debating the relevant discourse surrounding the subject. The paper must include an introduction of the social justice issue, a brief history of the historical context, the relevant individual, group and organizational leaders or authors participating in defining the absence of justice, its root causes and proposed solutions, and the figures within the systemic powers contributing of the lack of justice. Consider incorporating timelines, key events and pivotal figures). Include in your discussion, an analysis of the communication strategies, important rhetorical materials (such as key speeches, documents, flyers, and videos, media portrayals, created by the major players in the struggle for social justice and those invested in maintaining the status quo. Your analysis will also include an analysis of the representations of the subject in media, with a focus on how mainstream media serves to undermine, support, or objectively report on the issue and its players. This will require that you explain how and why the media covers the topic, the social movement players engage or counter this portrayal, and identify the key role played by the media in shaping or organizing public discourse. Avoid simply reciting historical facts, stating personal feelings, or personal opinions.