Prepare a Word document in MLA format. Respond in full to each question below after you have read the article by Jessica Grose linked above (“Cleaning: The Final Feminist Frontier” and watched my youtube video Please do not write the questions, only your responses. Number your document. 1. Explain the following allusion to another author made by Grose: “egalitarian marriage starts looking more like the backdrop to an Updike short story.” What does this reference mean in the context of Grose’s discussion? (if you don’t know who John Updike is or what he wrote about, you need to Google it and find out — this is part of what’s required to answer this question adequately). 2. What is “second shift” work? Who popularized this term? 3. What logos can you identify at work in this article? 4. Discuss the lead strategy used at the beginning of this essay that not only draws us in but also builds ethos. Why might we consider Grose a reliable source on this topic based on the information she reveals early in the essay? 5. Grose acknowledges the opposition several times in her essay (gives men credit for doing some things)…what are they? Name at least 2 examples. In what ways does this make her essay appeal to a wider audience? 6. Discuss the impact of the Tide commercial linked in the essay. What purpose does this reference serve? 7. What social context affects your interpretation of the ideas presented in this essay? (What personal factors about you and your sex, class, background, make you more or less likely to accept Grose’s argument? If you aren’t sure about social context, look at the Week 1 Notes PowerPoint linked above). 8. Pretend you have been handed a research assignment on “Gender Ideologies as they relate to division of responsibilities in the household” by your Sociology professor. Grose’s essay is the first source you’ve come across in the process of your research. What next steps would you take?