Select a major U.S. or international disaster and prepare a written analysis. The analysis should examine multiple aspects of a disaster, please review the list below for more details. The analysis should describe the specific problem while not focusing on generalities of the topic. For example, if analyzing an earthquake do not include general information on earthquakes but go directly to the specific earthquake the analysis is focusing on. Provide supporting statements that help enhance the description of the disaster (be sure to cite sources for these statements). Do not mix description with causes of the disaster. The analyses should assess the state of knowledge about the disaster and provide an analysis that includes: I. Introduction to the topic and what the paper will be discussing II. Description of the Disaster a. description of the disaster, the nature and location of the disaster (i.e., natural or technological/man-made); this should include why did the disaster happen, what caused the disaster b. Students may identify a global and then a regional cause however not all students will be able to do so- this will be based on the topic. All students should identify at least 2 local causes. c. Number of causalities, loss/damage to property III. Identify Vulnerabilities a. Vulnerabilities should discuss environmental, social, economical, and etc. This should include demographics IV. Organizations and their role a. Identify the government(s) having jurisdictional responsibility and involved in the disaster response and recovery effort; b. Identify the organizations that played a role in the why, what, how, and where. Discuss the role of the organizations in regards to the vulnerabilities; how the organizations either dissipated or exasperated the vulnerabilities c. Identify and discuss the organizations that played a role in the preparedness, response, and mitigation of the disaster. These organizations can be governmental, not for profit, for profit, quasi governmental, and etc. V. Planning and Policy Issues a. Identify and discuss whether prevention planning had occurred prior to the disaster and if so by whom. b. What policies were in place to support prevent, prepare, and respond to the disaster. How successful were these policies in their purpose? Use research to support. c. the major planning and policy issues raisede.g., lack of mitigation effort, inadequacy of preparedness, response failure, recovery problems; and VI. Recovery a. Social and economic impact of the disaster. This can be discussed at any level- local, county, state, federal. The social and economic recovery should be examined and described as well. b. Policies put in place to prevent a reoccurrence OR the failure to put policies in place to prevent further damages should be discussed. VII. Discussion and Recommendations a. Describe how and at what level improvements could be made. Be sure to use research and sources to support the recommendations. b. Discuss the overall impact and any long lasting effects of the disaster c. Describe any mistakes, loop holes, or hazards that are now in place that may allow for another similar disaster.