Watch the movie “The Aviator” from 2004 and answer the following questions: 1) Give a synopsis of the movie in 200-250 words. 2) Discuss the pathology of one character and the way in which the movie portrays it. 3) How would you diagnose your character according to the DSM5? OR: If there is a diagnosis given in the film, do you agree with the given diagnosis (why or why not)? a. Is there comorbidity or is it a pure diagnosis? b. Does the characters pathology result in labeling or stigma? How so? 4) How can the pathology be understood according to theory? (Pick one: Biology, Psychoanalysis, Behavioral / Learning Theory, Humanism, Existentialism). 5) What treatment was given and did it work, why? If not, what treatment would you recommend, and why? minimum 5 sources, where one is the following; Carson, R., Boucher C, and Minka, S. (1998). Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life, Tenth Revision. Tel Aviv: The Open University