It is the system, to give or receive which one are you forgetting ? We perish through negligence overlooking the essentials steps in life. The fundamentals are the basic parts of lifes system, which is the circle of receiving and giving. Without them the circle is incomplete. ‘The Red Wheelbarrow’ a poem written by an American poet, William Carlos Williams in 1923. The poet provides a visual scene on how the simple things, The Red Wheelbarrow used on a farm could be Interpret as the most important part of life in the big picture of things. Everything a piece of life and the part it plays in unity with the farmland and the system of things. The The Necessities are not all about living in an Estate like Queen Elizabeths Buckingham Palace in London, England. Neither to own a few Porsches or a Rolls-Royce or even having $400,000.00 in your bank account. The basic go unnoticed by many of us daily , not even the air we breathe for granted. the farmers give their life to sustain life in the production of plant life and meat by products. The city Police workers who keep our streets safer than we could ever imayeah this immensely colossal world relies on the little people as they visually perceive. The need is not just for receiving as some might think. While giving is a vital component to complete its part of lifes system. without them both. we see a harmonious relationship between a man, world) and nature. The red wheelbarrow sits unused and neglected, while rain seems to wash it clean and make it look brand spanking new.