You have become the leader of one of these countries in June 2020: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, or Syria. You have a country and you want to improve the political and economic situation and break away from previous politics. The Arab Spring events gave you lessons that people might revolt unpredictably and you want to create a stable country with a functioning balance between the various main players. In light of what we have studied in the course, draft a reform agenda that you propose to your government and the people where you state what will you do to reform the country. This should include your views and proposals in at least four areas out of the below: Role of religion in politics Implementing democratic reforms (or part of them, or arguing that there is no need for them) What will you do about the political economy and to increase the income of the country Giving more freedoms to civil society; or limiting them The role of women and gender politics The role of the media Structure Clear Introduction that highlights objectives and structure. Clear conclusion The structure of the essay follows a logical sequence and makes good use of signposting Argument Essay answers the question and is relevant to question Topic accurately covered in depth A clear argument or synthesis exists and is supported by evidence Ideas used analytically with originality/Independent thought Style and Presentation Systematic referencing and citation is used properly and systematically Bibliography correctly formatted and presented Broad use of suitable references and resources Language and syntax Fluently written, and adequate punctuation and spelling