Imagine that you are the UK bicycle producer Raleigh and you decide to go into Myanmar (Burma).
1. Discuss the opportunities and risks facing Raleigh in this market (50% of grade).
2. Discuss which entry mode and market strategy you would recommend to enter Myanmar (50% of grade).
Please incorporate the readings and the lessons from the many cases/discussions over the 3 days of the course into your answer as appropriate.

Grading Criteria Expectations:

– Presents an insightful and thorough analysis of all identified issues. Includes all necessary calculations.
– Presents an accurate and detailed description of a variety of problems and opportunities that are compelling and insightful.
– Paper demonstrates concise and consistent writing. Transitions between ideas are handled well. Formatting is appropriate and writing is free of grammar and spelling errors.
– Demonstrates complete command of tools and concepts from the course. Makes appropriate and powerful connections between identified issues and the strategic concepts studied in the course readings and class lectures.
– Evidence and ideas clearly refer to subject matter and aim of assignment, drawn from a range of sources, in addition to assigned readings and in-class discussions, including scholarly books, journal articles, research institutions, government publications, and industry associations. All evidence is properly cited in APA style in-text citations and a correctly formatted reference list.

All PPTX slides are from the course we got with the professor and shows what was discussed and talked about. These should help you understand what you need to do a paper like this. Make sure you include a PESTEL Analysis and Porter’s 5 Forces as it will enhance the paper’s quality.