Watch both of these videos on analyzing art: Formal Analysis and Contextual Analysis. Also, view these questions. Step Two: Visit any or all of the online museums listed here. If you would like to use a different museum, please send the link to the museum for approval to your professor at least a week before the paper is due. Step Three: Choose images that represent (4) four of the categories below, one work of art per category. The images can come from different museums. Do NOT choose images that are listed in our textbook. One image of war/violence One image of love One image of mythology One sculpture or art installation One image of nature One image of food One image of happiness One image of loneliness One image of friendship One image of a religious nature One image of a domestic scene One images of commerce One piece of environmental art Step Four: Write a (5) five paragraph essay on the works you have chosen. 4. In the first (4) four paragraphs: First, list the title of the work, artists name, year, genre, the museums name where the work is located, and a hyperlink to the work you are describing. Follow this with a detailed paragraph that analyzes the work of art both formally and contextually: one paragraph per work of art/category. You may have to do more research online to describe the work contextually. 5. In the fifth paragraph: Discuss your favorite work out of the four and why it is meaningful to you.