The Send Off (2016, 12 minutes): (Links to an external site.) Skip Day (2018, 17 minutes): (Links to an external site.) The Rabbit Hunt (2017, 12 minutes): (Links to an external site.) The Queen of Versailles (2012, 103 minutes): Queen of Versailles Florida Man (2015, 50 minutes): Over the past 4 weeks you have been exposed to 4 different types of documentary approach – purely observational based (Send Off, Skip Day, Rabbit Hunt), observational mixed with interview (Queen of Versailles), purely interview based (Florida Man), and archival mixed with interview (Last Resort). Which one of these four approaches have you liked the most and why? Try to link your reasoning to anything you may have read, watched, or heard from the accompanying materials, handouts, and lectures these past 4 weeks. Question 2: Discuss your thoughts on modernist aesthetics and the concept of the avant-garde. Do you understand/appreciate modern art? What role does modernism have on the psyche of artists? What is your favorite Film/Art era or movement? Question 3:Discuss your thoughts on the Silent era animation and how it compares to the silent era of film. In a few paragraphs or visual chart, Compare and contrast various features of silent animation and silent films. Question 4:What kind of person is Roland Barthes? Depending on the elements of mise-en-scene within each image, what connotations does each contain? Pro Tip: Your analyses should use the idea of connotation, if not the word itself.